Areas of practice.

In the future, this page and associated pages will provide detailed information about the process involved within each specific practice area. This area will be broken down by the broad practice area (e.g., family law, real estate) and then within each practice area we will provide specific information on each particular practice area (e.g., within family law: adoption, dissolution of marriage (divorce), paternity, support, custody). Our firm represents and advises clients in the areas of:

Family Law, including litigation and appeals, dissolution (divorce), custody maintenance (alimony) and support, separation, postjudgment matters, paternity, adoption, prenuptial agreements

Real Estate, including residential, commercial, contracts, leases, partnerships, LLC's, real estate litigation, title examiniation, quiet title litgation, mechanics liens

Estate Planning, including wills, trusts , insurance trusts, and related estate planning documents

Probate and Estate Administration, including decedent's, minor's and disabled estates, will contests, claims against estates

Business, including corporations, parterships, joint ventures, contracts

Civil Litigation, including law division, chancery and municipal cases, landlord/tenant disputes, commercial transactions